Published: April 6, 2018
University of Colorado Board of Regents

At its regular meeting on Thursday and Friday on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus, the University of Colorado Board of Regents voted to approve tuition and fees for the 2018–19 academic year, merit pool increases for faculty and staff, and more.

2018–19 tuition and compensation pool approval

The board voted to approve a portion of the budget for the 2018–19 academic year. The resolutions passed include the following:

  • A zero percent change in tuition and mandatory fees for continuing resident undergraduates.
  • A 3.7 percent tuition and mandatory fees increase for incoming resident freshman and transfer students on the CU Boulder campus.
  • A 3 percent merit pool increase for faculty and staff.

In addition, the following items were proposed for board consideration in June:

  • A nearly $5.8 million compensation initiative that includes graduate student teaching faculty (TA) stipends, instructor faculty salary compression and equity needs and front-line service worker compensation.
  • An investment in student success, which includes increased support for academic units, the new Impact Scholarship, merit- and need-based aid, and program and course fee elimination.

Tuition and fees

Because the board voted in 2016 to approve a tuition guarantee for undergraduate resident students—to complement the nonresident guarantee that was previously available—the tuition increases the board voted on today do not affect current undergraduates. Students who were admitted prior to fall 2016 received the guarantee with last year’s class, and those rates remain in effect for the next four years for undergraduate students.

The budget approved reflected no changes to the CUSG budget, which includes a $12 per semester student government fee reduction. Under the chancellor’s budget proposal, student government fees would have been reduced by $30 per semester in the coming year. However, the proposal was delayed due to the chancellor’s decision to engage further with students regarding student fee management.

Incoming College of Arts and Sciences resident freshmen and undergraduate transfers will see a $448 (3.7 percent) increase in tuition and fees, with no further increases for four years. All continuing undergraduate students will see no increase in tuition.

“For undergraduate continuing students, if you paid course and program fees in the past, the total cost of education will go down next year because we are eliminating course and program fees in the fall, which represents $8.4 million,” said Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Kelly Fox.

Total combined tuition and fees for incoming resident freshmen and transfer students in College of Arts and Sciences will be $12,534, and it will be locked for four years.

For more information about tuition and fees, see the Bursar’s Office Tuition Guarantee page.


The 2018–19 budget also includes a 3 percent merit pool increase for faculty and staff.

In other board news

The board amended and restated a multi-year employment agreement with Ali-Marie “JR” Payne, head coach for women’s basketball.

Several students from the Boulder campus, most of them current or former members of CU Student Government (CUSG), used the public comment portion of the meeting to express opposition to the recently announced changes to management of the CUSG budget. For a recap of those discussions, click here.

Full details on all presentations are available on BoardDocs.