Published: Feb. 15, 2018

AVC Akirah Bradley poses with students after celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week, AVC Akirah Bradley takes a photo with students on campus after handing out small giveaways to brighten their day.

We’re all a part of the Buff community at CU Boulder, and being a part of this community means we care and look out for one another. This week just happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Week, and I encourage you all to consider how you can spread kindness and support your fellow Buffs as we approach midterms.

A thoughtful act of kindness can have a huge positive impact on the recipient. The best part about these gestures is that it has a ripple effect. One kind deed turns into a chain of acts that positively affects many people, creating a friendly and positive atmosphere on campus.

As a part of our effort within the Division of Student Affairs to promote and celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, Student Affairs staff handed out small giveaways with fun messages to students. It was inspiring to see first-hand how this simple gesture completely brightened someone’s day and spread positive vibes throughout campus.  

How will you spread kindness this week, and after this week? There are plenty of ways to participate: You can express appreciation for a friend or family member, purchase a beverage for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop or simply acknowledge fellow Buffs with a smile and friendly greeting as you pass them on campus.

An easy way to contribute a random act of kindness on campus is through the Buff Days of Gratitude event with New Student and Family Programs. This event, now through Feb. 16, encourages the CU community to give thanks to those who have had a significant impact on our lives. Check out their webpage to see how you can participate.

For more ideas on random acts of kindness, visit the Volunteer Resource Center’s Facebook page.

And as midterms approach and we endure these last few weeks of winter, remember to also be kind to yourself. Take some time out of your day to relax, indulge in a favorite hobby or treat yourself. You deserve it!

Akirah Bradley,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs