Published: Jan. 31, 2018

Famous clock at The Hill in BoulderCity Council has requested the creation of a Housing Advisory Board to support the city of Boulder's affordable housing efforts. CU Boulder students are strongly encouraged to apply for the newly forming board—as a large constituency within the city, student voices contribute to a balanced conversation around housing.

To apply

Applications are open and the only way to apply is to complete an application at the city's boards & commissions website.

About boards, commissions

What's the time commitment? Boards meet once a month, typically in the evenings for three to four hours. Before each meeting, board members should read the agenda and information packet, in order to contribute to a meaningful discussion.

Usually, board members are appointed for a five-year term. Since this board and its rules are forming, a case can be made for a shorter term appointment.

Peruse other boards and commissions on the city of Boulder website to get an idea on how it might operate. Apply to another board if it interests you.

Why donate your time?

Some students may only be in Boulder for a few years before moving to other communities, but student experiences renting in this city are repeated. Speak up and help shape the experience for the next group.

Plus, it's a good résumé booster!