Published: Jan. 25, 2018

CU Boulder and Colorado Mesa University Wednesday announced the addition of an Electrical and Computer Engineering program to their expanding partnership.

CU Regent Glen Gallegos and College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Bobby Braun at Wednesday's announcement

CU Regent Glen Gallegos (left) and College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Bobby Braun (right) at Wednesday's announcement.

The relationship, which began in 2008, allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science from CU Boulder by taking classes delivered at CMU in Grand Junction. Starting next fall, students will be able to work toward degrees in the new Electrical and Computer Engineering program in addition to the two existing options—mechanical and civil engineering.

CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Bobby Braun and CMU President Tim Foster jointly announced the new program at the grand opening of CMU’s Confluence Hall, which now houses all three engineering programs.

“The University of Colorado is thrilled to expand our present engineering partnership program with CMU,” Braun said. “Adding Electrical and Computer Engineering to our existing programs on the Western Slope will broaden the possibilities for future generations of engineers while building the state’s economic competitiveness. CU is proud to partner with CMU to grow access to engineering education across the state.”

Following the model of the partnership’s other two offerings, students will work with CMU faculty during the first two years and CU Boulder faculty during the final two years, with all instruction being delivered at CMU.

Sharing faculty and collaborating on laboratory and technology needs has allowed CU Boulder and CMU to better prepare engineering students for work in a variety of professional fields. This week’s announcement further broadens career options for graduates.

CU Regent Glen Gallegos, who has close ties to both schools, shared his enthusiasm for the continued growth of the partnership.

“I am a proud alumnus of Mesa Junior College. I served as a trustee for CMU and I am now a CU regent. I am extremely excited at how far we have moved forward,” Gallegos said. “The people who win are the students and the people of western Colorado.”

Enrollment in the partnership has expanded dramatically in the decade since the program launched, with more than 400 students enrolled.

“We thought if we could get 10 the first year, it would be a huge success and we got 30 or so,” said former CMU Trustee Lena Elliott, who was involved in kicking off the program. “Look at us now. Any time you start a partnership, the devil is in the details and CU has been a great partner.”