Published: Dec. 4, 2017
Students work on laptop computers in A&S classroom

As the faculty course questionnaire (FCQ) moves fully online this fall, the FCQ Program would like to provide instructors with the following key information to support them in administering FCQs and encouraging high response rates:

Campus Q&A: Faculty course questionnaires with Mary Kraus

Why are FCQs moving online? Why is the administration window longer? Mary Kraus, associate vice chancellor for undergraduate education, addresses six common faculty and instructor questions.

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CU Boulder administration dates

  • Open: Dec. 8, midnight MST
  • Close: Dec. 15, 11:59 p.m. MST

Administer the online FCQ in your classroom

  • Inform students you will be setting aside 15 minutes at the beginning of a specified class for students to complete their online FCQs.
  • Inform students about the purpose of the FCQ, how it's used in your course and department, and highlight its importance to you.
  • Remind students to visit using a phone, tablet or computer. They will need to authenticate using their campus user ID. Write link on a whiteboard in the room to make website access easier for students.
  • Instructors and TAs must not be present in the classroom while students complete their FCQs.

View online response rates

Encouraging high online response rates

  • A seven-minute recorded training is available online and covers FCQ program efforts to promote student participation, proven practices that can be adopted in your classroom to encourage participation and a look at the new Campus Labs platform.
  • View training online now.

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