Published: Nov. 30, 2017

Updated: Dec. 13, 2017

The House and Senate reached a compromise Wednesday between their different versions of the tax overhaul bill. CU Boulder experts are available to discuss the economic and legal impacts of the bill.u.s. house of representatives

Why people want to pay taxes: Sven Steinmo, political science professor, has done research on why people want to pay taxes. His research indicates people want a simpler tax system, but they do not necessarily want to cut taxes across the board. He can be reached at

Monetary policy and labor dynamics: Miles Kimball, economics chair, is a pioneering expert on monetary policy and has published works on labor dynamics.  He can be reached at

Inequality, growth and federal deficit: Jeffrey Zax, economics professor and fellow at the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research, can talk about the bill’s effects on inequality, economic growth and the federal deficit. He can be reached at

Legislative process: Sloan Speck, associate law professor, researches corporate and international tax, and the relationship between taxes and societal structures. He can also speak to the legislative process and product as the tax package came together. He can be reached at

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