Published: Nov. 14, 2017

The Folsom and UMC bike stations will close for the season on Friday, Nov. 17. Both stations will reopen next season on March 1.

Snow-covered bikesWhile the stations are closed, bike maintenance will still be available via our Mobile Mechanic service. The Mobile Mechanic will meet you at the bike station or your preferred campus location, with appointments available starting Monday, Nov. 27.

But just because the bike stations are closed and we've gotten some snow doesn't mean you need to stop riding. With some equipment changes and some care, you can keep your wheels rolling all winter long.

Wear a helmet

Helmets are always a good idea, but they are an even better idea when there is the possibility of riding over patches of ice or snow.

Get good rubber on the road

Much like snow tires on your car, make sure your bike tires have solid winter tread. If you are planning to ride through the ice and snow, consider studded bike tires—they can make a huge difference.

Ride defensively

Cars are not expecting and are less aware of bikers in the winter. As always, wear bright colors. Make eye contact with drivers.

Bundle up

Heads, hands and feet tend to get especially cold when riding in winter temperatures. Balaclavas, ski goggles, ski gloves and wind-shell pants are things you may already own that double as winter biking gear.

Keep your bike cold and clean

Unless you plan to clean it off, keep your bike cold and store it in the garage. A room-temperature bike in new snow can cause ice to form on brakes and gears more easily. Also, keep your chain and gear cassette lubricated for best operation.

Get more winter biking tips at the Environmental Center website.