Published: Nov. 13, 2017
Students chat over coffee and snacks at the weekly International Coffee Hour event

CU Boulder remains in seventh place nationally among peer institutions sending students abroad for a full semester and continues to be a beacon for international students seeking academic opportunities in the United States, according to data released today by the Institute of International Education’s 2017 Open Doors Report.

CU Boulder continues to rank No. 1 in the state for sending students abroad, with 1,730 students, followed by University of Denver with 1,120, Colorado State University with 882, Colorado College with 456 and University of Colorado Denver with 399.

Nationally, CU Boulder ranks 33rd among doctorate-granting institutions in the total number of study abroad students. Some 921 CU Boulder students studied abroad for a semester-length program, putting CU Boulder in the top 10 in this category among its peers.

“We are very pleased with the increase in the number of students going abroad and with our state and national rankings, which reflects the university’s commitment to an international experience as an integral part of a CU Boulder education,” said Mary Dando, director of Education Abroad.

CU Boulder’s top destinations in order of student participation are Spain, Italy, England, Australia and Czech Republic, which closely mirrors national trends. The top majors going abroad include international affairs, finance, psychology, marketing, ecology and evolutionary biology.

In addition, CU Boulder continues to be a top draw for international students who want to study in the United States. In 2016–17, the university ranked 74th nationally for attracting international students, a substantial increase over the university’s 89th ranking in the last report. Over the reporting period, CU Boulder had 3,424 international students enrolled in classes or optional practical training.

“International students choose CU Boulder because of our high-quality academic programs, the unique opportunities the campus and local community offer, and our welcoming and supportive campus environment,” said Diana Salazar, director of the campus’s office of International Student and Scholar Services.

According to this year’s report, Colorado attracted 11,527 international students, which is 25th in the nation. Altogether, international students had an economic impact of more than $429 million across the Centennial State.

CU Boulder remained No. 1 among all Colorado higher education institutions for drawing international students in 2016, with 3,424, followed by Colorado State University, 2,495; the University of Denver, 1,494; CU Denver, 1,051; and the Colorado School of Mines, 800.

Some 30.9 percent of international students who come to Colorado are from China; India, 13.5 percent; Saudi Arabia, 10.4 percent; South Korea, 2.4 percent; and Kuwait, 2.4 percent.

The annual Open Doors Report provides a national snapshot of the flow of students to and from the United States and coincides with International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education.

CU Boulder’s celebration, open to all students, faculty and staff, will take place this week, and will include this year’s Global Citizen awardees, the 2017 photo contest winners and many other activities.