Published: Nov. 3, 2017

CU Student Government (CUSG) held elections this week, Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, for five representative-at-large seats. According to the preliminary results, the Strive ticket, which includes Angela Peterson, Chidi Nzerem, Emmy Strongwater, Max Pulitzer and Charlie LaBruzzy, received the most votes.

The new representatives will serve a term of one year. They will make decisions on allocating funding to student organizations for events and travel through Representative Council. They will also serve on Legislative Council, which determines the annual student activity fee recommendation to the Board of Regents, represents the student body along with the tri-executives and provides policy direction for the student service offices under CUSG. 

A total of 11 candidates, including two independents plus the Unite and Strive tickets, ran for the seats. The turnout this fall is nearly three times that of last fall’s CUSG elections. The total turnout was 1,542, or 4.64 percent of eligible voters.