Published: Oct. 26, 2017

In September, Kirsten Schuchman joined the Strategic Relations and Communications team as assistant vice chancellor for public policy and advocacy. Schuchman comes from the CU system Office of Government Relations, where she served as associate vice president and lobbyist to the state legislature on behalf of all of CU’s campuses.

When should you contact Schuchman?
  • Before inviting a state or federal official to campus, such as a legislator visiting a classroom
  • Before planning off-campus group or individual meetings with legislators
  • After an elected official contacts you for information or a visit
  • Before testifying at a legislative hearing
  • If you have general inquiries related to any state, local or federal government issue
  • For help working with local governments, chambers of commerce or industry associations 

Kirsten Schuchman 

Kim Calomino 

Prior to working at CU, Schuchman worked in administration at the University of Michigan, where she received her master’s in higher education. Schuchman is a Colorado native and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

In her new role at CU Boulder, Schuchman will work with the campus community, chancellor, senior leadership and system Office Government Relations to coordinate and prioritize local, state and federal government relations efforts. Developing policy initiatives, tracking and providing feedback on legislation and helping members of the campus navigate the legislative process and political world will be her primary focus.

Kim Calomino, who is the director of local government and community relations, reports to Schuchman and will continue to work with units around campus to enhance successful partnerships with the city, county, school districts, chambers and economic development groups around the region and state. Together they will work to build goodwill with policymakers and local communities around Colorado, showcasing existing outreach and education efforts and collaborating to create new ones as needed.

Schuchman and Calomino are here to help the campus:  

  • Make connections, or enhance existing outreach by connecting with local community leaders or policymakers
  • Identify new public policies we can pursue to improve access and affordability for Colorado’s students or enhance research opportunities
  • Assist any faculty or staff member who has been asked to testify in front of a state legislative committee or congressional hearing
  • Rapidly connect the campus to our CU lobbying team in the Office of Government Relations