Published: Oct. 11, 2017 By
Woman in black dress holds a small orange pumpkin in her hands

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's almost time for zombie crawls, Harry Potter costumes, free candy and all-things spooky. There's also the potential you might break the budget on that new expensive costume.

Here are some money-saving tips for creating your own Halloween costume, so you can have fun and save money.

Be responsible

Halloween is a big holiday in Boulder. Whether you stay in, hit Pearl street or go to a party, make responsible decisions. A run-in with the law or a stupid decision could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Look in the closet

Do you already have everything you need for an epic costume? Raid your closet first and see what you have.

Trade with a friend

You were Spiderman last year, and your bestie was Batman. Lucky for you, you still have the costume. Try a little switch-a-roo and you’re good to go on an impressive budget of zero dollars.

Search the internet

DIY costumes abound on sites like Pinterest. Have some fun surfing the internet, asking friends for their opinions and designing a cool, budget-friendly get-up.

Hit the thrift stores

Arc, Goodwill and Salvation Army are loaded with goodies this time of year. Set your budget so you don’t overspend!

And lastly—wherever the night takes you—make smart decisions, have a good time and save that money!

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