Published: Oct. 3, 2017

By now you have heard about Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. The campus community extends its hearts and deepest condolences to all affected by this awful tragedy. While you never know when or where an active harmer incident may occur, being prepared can improve your chances of survival.

Sergeant John Zizz teaches active harmer response courseAttend a training

CU Boulder police offers several levels of active harmer response training throughout the year. The next introductory-level class will be held Oct. 17 at the University Memorial Center, room 247. Registration is required for either the 9 a.m. or the 1 p.m. class.

Even if you can’t attend the class, CUPD highly recommends you take five minutes and watch the city of Houston’s “Run. Hide. Fight.” video. You will find this video embedded in the CUPD website.

Get connected

There are multiple ways we will notify you if an emergency is occurring on campus. These include email, text messages, computer pop-ups and messages sent through Wi-Fi connectivity. You can read about how to get connected on the CU Boulder Alerts site.

Our communication

We use the term “active harmer” to describe any type of incident in which someone appears to have intention to do harm. The person could be using a vehicle, chemical, knife, gun or something else as a weapon. The term “active shooter” is limited to someone with a gun and may not accurately describe the situation.

During the first few minutes of an active harmer incident, you should rely on your “Run. Hide. Fight.” training and senses to determine how you should react.

Get support

If you need support today or in the future, CU Boulder offers a variety of assistance and advocacy resources including counseling and victim services for the campus community to turn to. You can find a full list here.