Published: Sept. 22, 2017

Students, faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines and fields came together this week in celebration of the New Venture Challenge launch, marking the program's 10th anniversary.

The night was filled with food, fun, photo booths, talks from inspirational speakers and announcements on upcoming events. Sarabeth Berk, director of the CU Boulder Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and Innovation, said that it was also the largest kickoff night in the program’s history. The venue was so packed that there was standing room only left by the time the event started at 6 pm.

Unlike previous years, the kickoff night featured “lightning rounds” where speakers from all levels of experience and engagement gave short talks on various topics, including failure, success and mentorship. For example, undergraduate student Garmai Matthew spoke about how discovering her own heritage has driven her entrepreneurial journey and inspired her to design a renewable clothing line.

Over the fall and spring semesters, teams form, work with mentors and refine their ideas before pitching at the championships to win prize money.

Visit the New Venture Challenge website to learn more about the progam or check out this year's event lineup.