Published: Sept. 21, 2017

Every three years CU Boulder partners with the city of Boulder on a commuter transportation survey. For the first time, it's available to employees as a mobile app as well as the traditional online format.

Are you a student? Take the quick online student transportation survey now.

Using location-based GPS technology on your smartphone, the app will provide rich route and time-specific commute data while reducing the amount of manual input. That data, in combination with details provided about your work day, will provide more information for transportation planners than standard online surveys.

If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer to take the online version, begin the online commute survey now.

Your participation is extremely important, as comparisons with past surveys help the university better understand how parking pressures, longer commute distances and/or improved transit services affect commuting choices, thereby providing information to inform current and future transportation planning for our campus.

How to access and use the app

On your phone, go to your iPhone or Android app store and search "Boulder Valley Employee Survey." You can also download the app to your computer and sync your iPhone or Android device. Be sure to input University of Colorado as your employer.

The app will give you a brief tutorial upon activation. The trip tracking will start automatically and run in the background for one full work day (e.g., if you activate at noon on a Wednesday, it will run through midnight Thursday).

Your answers, commute data and identity are anonymous. The survey is hosted by National Research Center, Inc., who reports the results in group form only.