Published: Sept. 7, 2017
Student talks with residence hall advisor.

It’s here—a new school year. 

The first several weeks of school are pretty jam-packed with events, classes, exploring Boulder and getting into a new routine. As you’re out there meeting people and making friends, don’t forget to reach out and get to know some key people in your residence hall: your resident advisor (RA) and the community assistants (CAs).

The RA’s main role is to act as a resource for you. They have already lived the residence hall experience, made some mistakes and gathered some great information along the journey to share with you.

Their help can make your first year a smoother experience. They also can help you with the transition from living at home to living on your own. There’s a lot to learn during this process, and if you want a little help now and then, you only need to ask.

Community assistants have several roles. First and foremost, they are the folks who work at the front desks in the halls, which are called community centers. They can help if you lock yourself out of your room, need cleaning supplies and equipment or just answer general questions.

The other really important role they play is as community builders. They not only organize events in your hall, they always have the inside track on what’s going on inside your community. Looking for something to do? Go talk to the community assistant.