Published: Sept. 6, 2017
Faculty member teaches First-Year Seminar with students at same table

The Office of the Provost is calling for participation in fall 2018 First-Year Seminars (FYS), open to instructors and tenure/tenure-track faculty in all departments. Course proposals are due Sept. 15.

First-Year Seminar learning objectives
  • Enhance student engagement. Improve the likelihood that students will engage in the CU community.
  • Build student identity. Increase the likelihood that students will identify with CU Boulder.
  • Set academic expectations. Focus on an academic experience that allows students to understand the academic expectations at CU and that sets a foundation for future success.

    Because students responded positively to the spring 2017 course structure (95 percent would recommend to other first-year students), that structure will be used to offer between 50 and 60 sections in fall 2018.

    Each course will be a 3-credit section, limited to 19 students, focused on a topic developed by the faculty member with emphasis on a topic of interest to a wide range of first-year students. The three credits allow the faculty member to have sufficient contact with the students and to introduce high-impact experiences such as semester-long projects. Each course must meet the FYS learning objectives.

    All proposals will be reviewed by a review panel of faculty representing each school and college. Approved courses will be eligible to be submitted for appropriate curriculum committee approval for general education and/or major/minor credit.

    If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please email Professor and Associate Vice Provost for Student Success Paul Chinowsky at indicating your interest. Visit the FYS website to submit your proposal online and download the course information sheet to be signed by the appropriate department chair.