Published: Aug. 21, 2017
Siblings help CU Boulder student during move-in 2016

Living on campus? Here are 15 tips to make the most of your residence hall experience all year long.

Acclimating to your new home

  • Student spending alone time in dorm roomDon’t drop your old connections. Continue talking with your high school buddies while you're in the process of making new friends.
  • Leave your door open. To meet other people in your residence hall, consider leaving your room door open.
  • Take time for yourself. It's okay to spend some quality time alone; the first few weeks are crazy!
  • Know that it's okay to eat lunch alone—you'll notice plenty of other people do it, too.
  • Get to know people in your classes by forming study groups or inviting a classmate to get coffee after class.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Go to events, regardless of how cheesy or ridiculous they sound! You may be surprised to find interest in a club or program you wouldn't necessarily have considered on your own.

Living with roommates 

  • New roommates settle in after move-inStart with an icebreaker. If you can, find your new roommate(s) on Facebook and message them prior to moving in to help ease any awkwardness. On move-in day, focus on unpacking and setting up your room together. Ask questions to learn about each other and discover shared interests.
  • Establish some ground rules—get the not so fun part out of the way.
  • Explore campus together. Check out a campus event or sign up for a club that interests you both.
  • Venture off campus. Grab lunch on The Hill or find your go-to off-campus coffee shop.
  • Be patient. Working things out with someone new takes time.

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