Published: Aug. 15, 2017

Weather permitting, Facilities Management Outdoor Services staff will be applying Richlawn Organic 100 5-3-2 fertilizer to campus lawns this week, through Friday, Aug. 18.

The fertilizer has a distinct odor due to poultry waste being used as the base ingredient. There is also some dust produced from the application of the product. Upon completion of the application, Facilities Management Outdoor Services staff will irrigate to wash the dust off the turf and help break down the fertilizer particles.

Other than the dust being a potential respiratory irritant, there are no health hazards related to this product application. All lawn areas will be ready for normal use after they have been washed in by weather and/or irrigation.

The use of organic fertilizers on campus turf is one of the strategies that helps us move toward our goal of reducing use of petroleum-derived synthetic fertilizers. CU Boulder’s sustainable landscape management practices are also enhanced by the fact the organic fertilizer product being used is made locally in Platteville, Colorado.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Turf and Equipment Manager Zac Cameron at 303-735-3635 or