Published: July 28, 2017 By

a classical orchestra on stage

Music is one of humanity’s oldest and most popular art forms. It also is one that has undergone tremendous change in recent years as technology has changed.

To prep College of Music undergraduates for a career in music, Daniel Kellogg, associate chair of theory and composition, has spearheaded a new twist on the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree by providing an option for students to put an emphasis on music technology and media studies.

“With the development of laptops, home computers, all of the software that goes along with it, we find that more and more students are using technology in creative ways,” said Kellogg.

The modified Bachelor of Arts in Music degree will be offered to students for the first time in the fall 2017 semester. The goal of the program is to provide flexibility along with a good foundation in music with classic curriculum like music theory, music history and aural skills (also known as ear training).

The new degree’s offerings will incorporate classes from the existing Music Technology Certificate as well as offer students the opportunity to receive credit for technology and media electives from other departments that might include computer sciences or media studies.

For example, computer programming would not typically be part of a classical music education. Students would learn how to make their own software for music creation or new interfaces for existing software.

In Kellogg’s eyes, the importance of the degree lies in the new methods of music creation and production that have been pioneered in recent years.

“The nature of art, the nature of creating art, the nature of venues where we perform, where we share art, even the way we share art over the internet has all changed in the last 10, 20 years,” said Kellogg. “We have less and less specialization happening with students, at least in the arts, and we want to be able to allow them the chance to acquire a great education.”

Kellogg is excited for students to take part in programs where they can design and build instruments—potentially even making an instrument with sounds never heard before.

“We want to equip students to dream big and to have a chance to acquire the skills to then realize those dreams,” said Kellogg.

Visit the College of Music online for more information about the new degree program.