Published: July 27, 2017

The Boulder campus has a new online map, and it goes way beyond what you might expect. It’s not just about building locations anymore. The new CU Boulder campus map lays out resources to help the campus community and visitors navigate the area six ways from Sunday . . . and Saturday.

Soft-launched last week, the map has clickable layers showing everything from wheelchair-accessible sidewalks and building entrances to computer labs; construction zones; ATMs, dining options; public parking; bus, bike and car-share locations; and more.

Not only is the map designed to be easy to use, but it also is made to work well with assistive technologies for people with disabilities and with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. For quick reference, the map also can be saved to device homescreens like an app.

A specific search for a building or structure on campus provides a photo and description of the building or structure, as well as a button to click for shareable walking, or wayfinding, biking and driving directions to the location.

Built on a flexible platform, information layers can be easily updated as the campus changes and grows, or to accommodate specific mapping needs. Examples include self-guided tours or incident maps during campus emergencies.

The map, which includes details about Main Campus, East Campus, Williams Village and the Center for Innovation and Creativity (north of Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder), is a project of Strategic Relations and Communications, including collaboration with Facilities Management and Parking and Transportation Services.

Watch @cuboulder on Twitter and Snapchat for upcoming scavenger hunts and other pop-up events using the new map’s features.