Published: June 16, 2017

This week's research news includes a breakdown of MAVEN's top 10 discoveries about Mars, a look at crickets as a superfood and a study delving into facial expressions as survival mechanisms.

MAVEN's top 10 discoveries about Mars at 1,000 days

On Saturday, June 17, NASA’s MAVEN mission to Mars led by CU Boulder will hit a happy milestone: 1,000 days of orbiting the Red Planet. Since its launch in November 2013, MAVEN has made a multitude of exciting discoveries and provided insight into how the sun stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere.

Superfood: Will Americans eat insects?

Though Americans may find the thought of eating insects unappetizing, CU Boulder alum Dave Baugh and twin brother Lars are aiming to normalize bugs in the American diet. Colorado Springs chiropractor Kurt Perkins says he likes the Lithic Nutrition cricket bars because of their exceptionally high protein content and even keeps a supply on hand for patients.

Stink-eye, other expressions likely originated as survival mechanisms

For centuries, eyes have been considered “windows to the soul,” their expressions looked upon intuitively as clues to the emotional state of the beholder. New research by CU Boulder scientist Daniel Lee suggests those widened or squinted eyes originated as much more than social cues.