Published: May 18, 2017
University Perspective Program graduates with coordinator Lauren Harris

University Perspective Program graduates (listed below) with program coordinator Lauren Harris

2017 program graduates
  • Amy Westfeldt, Office of Advancement
  • Tracee DeAntoni, Department of Human Resources
  • Jessica Oppen, Office of Admissions
  • Robert M. Leo, Facilities Management
  • Jason Straub, Institutional Research, Office of Data Analytics
  • Erick Aguirre, Office of Financial Aid
  • Laura Snyder, Office of Information Technology
  • Lori Black, Office of Infrastructure and Safety
  • Lauren Hasselbacher, Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
  • Nicole LaRocque, Recreation Services
  • John Helmers, Leeds School of Business
  • Rory Korpela, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Lauren Cole, Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Maria Castro Barajas, Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement
  • Beth Myers, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Quentin McAndrew, Graduate School
  • Alicia Turchette, Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • Ari Harrison, Office of Information Technology

Each year, a group of CU Boulder staff from all levels of the organization are nominated for the University Perspective Program, a seven-month course that provides participants an opportunity to learn firsthand, through organized visits to each of the four campuses in the CU system, about the unique role and mission of each campus, as well as the CU system office.

The University Perspective Program, founded in 1987 and originally referred to as University Fellows, has an alumni list of over 400 graduates. The goal of the program is to provide staff with a broader knowledge of the University of Colorado system and its interactions with the Board of Regents, the legislature, the community and the state. Participants also learn about the legislative process by visiting the capitol and gain insight into the CU Boulder relationship with the city of Boulder.

The program continues to wow participants by providing opportunity for small-group conversations with campus leaders and insight into the university's unique and important relationships, increasing awareness of and fostering a deep appreciation for the unique role of each campus in the CU system and creating a cross-campus network of professional peers.

There is no cost to participants in the University Perspective Program, which is sponsored by the CU Boulder chancellor and vice chancellors and system administration. The annual program is coordinated by Lauren Harris, Organizational and Employee Development in the Department of Human Resources.

Learn more about the University Perspective Program.