Published: May 2, 2017

Chancellor Phillip P. DiStefano

Chancellor Phillip P. DiStefano

Olympic Gold medalist Ralph Boston, the first person to break the 27-foot barrier in the long jump, once said that if you cross the finish line you are a winner. "But it’s what you do after you cross the finish line that really counts," he said.

The academic year starts as a marathon, ends in a sprint, and now the finish line is in sight. Whether you are a new graduate or a returning student I hope you will take advantage of the abundant resources of the university to break the tape and make a difference in your community, in your nation and in the world.

In your career at CU Boulder you have learned valuable lessons in critical thinking, civil discourse, collaborative decision making and creative solutions, skills required in a complex society.

As graduates or continuing students, you are preparing for a world that is in a high state of change—geo-politically, economically and technologically. The single certainty of the world is that it will look different tomorrow than it does today.

Whether you are continuing at CU Boulder or graduating next week, be sure to take advantage of all of the resources the university offers to support you in your success. I encourage you to stay connected to your university community through social media, your CU Boulder Alumni Association, additional certificates and degrees, innovation labs, free lectures and community groups.  

You have learned to be well-rounded creative thinkers and problem solvers regardless of your degree. Your education has taught you to be flexible and adaptable in a quickly changing world, prepared to be leaders and innovators to positively impact humanity.

As you cross the finish line, keep in mind that, as Ralph Boston said, "It’s what you do after you cross the finish line that really counts." As part of Forever Buffs, you and your fellow graduates can impact the world around us and be the leaders of the future.

Phillip P. DiStefano,