Published: March 13, 2017

Andrea Mast updates light bulbsEven environmentally conscious students may feel energy conservation is a luxury they can’t afford, but the Environmental Center has plenty of free resources to help you save energy and water. 

The Energy Conservation Outreach Visits (ECO-Visits), previously known as SCORE, provides (off-campus) student renters with free energy upgrades while educating them about climate justice. ECO-Visits technicians help fellow students make their homes more comfortable, save money and match their ecological footprint with their values.

Any CU student can sign up for a free energy assessment online.

"ECO-Visits is an amazing opportunity for students who keep affirming that they want to lower their climate footprints, want to see the university take climate action, and are increasingly curious about climate justice," said Program Manager Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish.

A quick look at ECO-Visits’ efforts in the past five years

  • Nearly 1,000 home visits completed
  • More than 3,100 student renters impacted
  • Nearly 5,000 CFL light bulbs installed
  • More than 600 LED light bulbs installed
  • Nearly 1,000 showerheads replaced
  • More than 1,300 faucet aerators updated

During the scheduled assessment, students will receive water-smart showerheads, energy-saving lightbulbs, weather stripping to close gaps around cold doors and more. Plus, those who book an appointment for a time when at least half of their housemates will be present will receive a free Cosmo’s Pizza during the visit.

Gabrieloff-Parish adds, "Despite whatever their landlords have done, or even what campus has been able to accomplish, ECO-Visits gives them an opportunity to receive free tools and learn sustainable behavior tricks that will help them be more effective leaders beyond their days on campus."

She said that although some students worry there is some sort of catch, thanks to a generous grant, there is "no catch!"

"We really will come and install all of these upgrades for free and leave you with a free pizza. No need to pay or join any kind of club."

To learn more or to sign up, visit the Environmental Center website.