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Carrie Davidson, a senior studying journalism and art history, challenges fellow students to reconsider what they are "supposed to do" and instead follow their own path. 

One of the best decisions she made was to get a job on campus. She said the experience taught her how to balance her time and set priorities. “When you have more going on, I genuinely believe it keeps you on top of everything.” 

Every upperclassman agrees with her opinion that time management is very important when it comes to getting the most out of college. Time management is one of the most important skill that students will learn. Although this might seem like a simple concept, there is more to it than you might think. 

Although her parents encouraged her to go out, she found it more fulfilling to relax in her free time and make friends who prefer to do things other than party. She insisted that students usually have more time on their hands than they admit. 

J.C. Owens is a junior who studies electrical engineering and French. One of the best decisions he made in college was to pursue his passions. That made it easier for him to pay attention in class and make the most of his time at CU. To stay out of trouble, he said students should follow their morals to help them make good decisions and work hard in class. He urged students not to brush off course content and instead take time to dive into the material.  

As an extravert, he said he believes the quality of friends a student will make is more important than the specific hobbies people engage. “Gravitate toward the people you want to be with and who you see yourself with in the future. . . . Be with people you’re OK with, people you trust,” Owens said.  

Students work together to study at a lounge on campusSenior MaKenzie Subart is pursuing a degree in engineering and is planning to attend law school. During freshman orientation, a professor told her that being a member of a sorority reflected poorly on students. He tried to tell her that people usually aren’t able to balance Greek life and engineering classes. 

Despite negative stereotypes, she ended up joining the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and became president of the chapter two years later. She considered it important to save time for extracurricular activities, no matter what that activity may be. Not only are extracurricular activities fun,they relieve stress, get people outside of their comfort zone, and allow them to make long-lasting friendships. 

Although students have different passions, schedules and plans for college, it is important for students to make time for everything they want to accomplish. All upperclassmen who shared their experiences said college is a time to be ambitious and work hard in school.