Published: Feb. 17, 2017

The second annual Diverse Learners Awareness Week, coming February 20 to 24, is a time for all of CU Boulder to embrace the classroom as an inclusive and diverse space and celebrate the unique ways we each learn and play. With over 30 individual sessions offered throughout the week, you’re sure to find a forum that celebrates your unique learning approach and other sessions that will open your eyes to new approaches.

Here are just a few of the reasons you can’t afford to miss Diverse Learners Awareness Week:

  1. The Diversity Dialogues, an interactive performance by Affinity Arts, will empower you to approach tough discussions with sensitivity and understanding.

  2. Learn how our Boulder campus and community are providing inclusive recreation programming and infrastructure that help everyone build skills such as teamwork, persistence and accountability.

  3. See a performance by Women’s World Poetry Slam winner Andrea Gibson and engage with the artist after the show.

  4. Discover how Apple iOS devices incorporate key tenets of Universal Design for Learning philosophy with built-in accessibility features that help provide equitable access to information, communication and expression.

  5. Relax and “un-conference” over food, drink and a game-based approach to diversity topics in real-world scenarios at our Café Pédagogique—and score a free tote bag with goodies while supporting a scholarship for a Disability Services student!

  6. Play with some new technologies at our Inclusive Technology Expo to get some new ideas about the tech you use every day—and new devices you’ve never heard of!

  7. Learn how the interdisciplinary fields of disability studies in the humanities, and what has come to be called "crip theory", are transforming higher education.

  8. It is estimated that one in five people have chemical sensitivities and experience adverse health effects from synthetic fragrance exposure. Learn what you can do in Allergic to Modern Life.

  9. With increasing numbers of international students in our classes, it is essential to create assignments and assessments that are fair to all students.

  10. Learn how you can better interact with and promote an inclusive culture that respects, appreciates and values those with disabilities.

Check out these and the many more events of Diverse Learners Awareness week.