Published: Feb. 10, 2017

Valerie Simons, Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance and Title IX coordinator

Valerie Simons, director of Institutional Equity and Compliance and Title IX coordinator

Following up on recent statements from the chancellor about reporting obligations that are defined in the 2015 CU System Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) offers the following guidance on reporting.

OIEC is responsible for addressing sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, exploitation and harassment, intimate partner abuse, and stalking), protected-class discrimination and harassment, and any related retaliation at CU Boulder.

OIEC facilitates education and training, investigates complaints, and provides interim and protective measures for individuals who are adversely affected by these behaviors.

All employees who have the authority to hire, promote, discipline, evaluate, grade, formally advise, or direct faculty, staff or students are considered “responsible employees” and are required to report to OIEC.

This means:

  • A responsible employee who becomes aware of sexual misconduct, discrimination or harassment involving any member of the CU community must report it to OIEC.
  • This applies whether the member of our community is the person who was subjected to the misconduct or the person accused of the misconduct.
  • This applies regardless of where or when an incident occurred or how the information was conveyed to a responsible employee.
  • The purpose of this broad mandate to report is to ensure safety, offer support, understand the scope of the concerns, and to get the behavior to stop.
  • When in doubt, contact OIEC for further guidance at 303-492-2127 or report at

Learn more about the behaviors included under the Sexual Misconduct and Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment policy.