Published: Feb. 9, 2017

Move-in day fall 2016Two years ago, CU Boulder redesigned the move-in process to limit cars on campus and improve city safety. Even with an increased student population, this process has reduced traffic and impact on the community while ensuring the first experience incoming students and families have with the university is positive.

Feedback has been increasingly positive as a result of this process, not only from students and families but also from faculty, staff and the greater Boulder community. Last year, the move-in committee also received very positive feedback about the increased notification of the parking impact and various parking options during move-in.

Move-in 2017 will begin Sunday, Aug. 20, for early move-in and continue through Thursday, Aug. 24. Parking will be restricted Tuesday, Aug. 22, through Thursday, Aug. 24.

Please note any event that requires parking for attendees should be scheduled outside of the move-in dates. Departments may coordinate with the move-in and Fall Welcome team for any mandatory events to avoid scheduling conflicts. Email them at

Once again, campus community members are encouraged to take advantage of the many remote work options CU Boulder provides. Supervisors are encouraged to facilitate alternate work arrangements, such as flex time and granting leave, whenever possible. The campus community should expect main campus parking to be restricted that Tuesday through Thursday.

Move-in 2017 will be based on college, school or academic program, rather than by a student's residence hall. This decision is based on feedback from students, families, faculty and campus partners. Students will also have more time to arrive and get settled than they have in the past. This change will streamline the process so that it is easier for the whole of the campus community.

During move-in, parking lots on East Campus will be open to all East Campus permit holders.

The university appreciates your support of this process and help to ensure our students have the best possible move-in experience.