Published: Jan. 25, 2017

On Jan. 25 we held a trio of large student- and faculty-hosted events. The university has had a long and successful tradition of hosting a wide variety of events and speakers who cross a broad spectrum of political, social and philosophical viewpoints. Our community has proven that we can hold large events while respecting each other’s free-speech rights.

While the majority of the evening’s events ran smoothly, a small group outside the Milo Yiannopoulos venue engaged in repeated confrontations with law enforcement, but most protestors were respectful and followed officer’s directions. Three protestors were issued misdemeanor tickets, two for assault and one for failing to comply with an officer’s order.

Overall we are delighted the events went well. Our campus was well prepared and showed as a community we can support open, but distinctly diverse, speech. This is an example of how Buffs build community and meet the principles embodied in our Colorado Creed.