Published: Nov. 18, 2016

Sustainability and Resiliency Program Manager Ed von BleichertAssistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management Dave Danielson announced today that Ed von Bleichert has been named Facilities Management sustainability and resiliency program manager, effective Jan 1. In this role, von Bleichert will be responsible for coordinating the many different sustainability functions across facilities management, as well as collaborating with different units across campus.

Von Bleichert says he is excited to apply his experiences to the campus’ renewed vision of sustainability and resiliency.

“I’m particularly excited to find new ways to apply student energy—my favorite renewable energy—toward solving some of the challenges our campus faces. I’ve been blessed to have worked with over a thousand students in my time at CU and attribute much of our success to their collective desire to make impactful changes.”

Von Bleichert explained part of his job is ensuring there is increased coordination and collaboration across all of these different functions in Facilities Management (which is responsible for things like energy usage, waste management, building maintenance and construction and so on), but that he will also be partnering with sustainability staff in departments and units across campus.

“When I partner with different units on campus, it’s very important that I understand the unique needs and goals of that unit,” von Bleichert said. “If I understand what’s important to them, I can help them accomplish their goals, whatever they may be, while also contributing to the larger goal of sustainability.”

Danielson said he was pleased with the search process and the strong pool of candidates from across the country who applied for this position.

“Ed truly rose to the top with his broad knowledge of the field and his sense of what it means to operate a university on the principles of sustainability and resiliency,” Danielson said. “Ed knows that it’s not just about energy or diverting waste from landfills. Throughout his career, Ed has focused his attention on programs like green cleaners and pesticide-use reduction, initiatives that improve the health and safety of our campus community while protecting the environment and reducing costs.”

Von Bleichert has worked at CU Boulder since 1995, serving in a number of sustainability roles focusing on student engagement, green building, sustainable waste management, hazardous materials reduction, pesticide reduction, campus wildlife management and more. He received his BA in environmental conservation from CU Boulder in 1994.