Published: Nov. 2, 2016

As we all know, Tuesday, Nov. 8, is election day. For many of you, this might be your first opportunity to take part in an election. How exciting! And as Buffs we pride ourselves in being engaged citizens, and that includes exercising our right to vote.

We also recognize that we may have different opinions when it comes to candidates and election issues. One of the great things about the CU Boulder community is that we have a commitment to one another founded in the values of the Colorado Creed. We choose to live in a community where we respect different views and opinions, and act with honor and integrity. This upcoming election has sparked great conversation regarding various issues discussed by presidential candidates. As you engage in conversation with your peers, staff and faculty keep in mind these tips:

  • Allow the speaker to share without interruption
  • Show respect by listening deeply
  • When sharing, speak from your perspective and seek to understand
  • When agreement is not possible, allow for multiple truths
  • Reflect on intent and impact: what you mean to say is not always what the other person hears

During this important time in U.S. history, I encourage you all to get involved, either through civil discourse or by voting, while being respecful of political diversity.

For information on Boulder County voter service and polling centers, and ballot drop-off locations, visit the Boulder County Elections website.

Akirah Bradley,
Dean of Students


Dean of Students Akirah Bradley