Published: Oct. 6, 2016

As we come back together after a tough day on campus, I again extend my appreciation to all of our community members who stepped up and made a difference in each other’s lives yesterday.

For those impacted by the incident, I invite you to engage the support resources available through many offices on the Boulder campus. Learn more about those counseling resources here.

As I said yesterday, I wish to express my appreciation to the emergency personnel who rapidly responded to the situations on campus. I again encourage all members of our community to think through how they will respond in these situations, and you may wish to review our campus information.

Many members of my team will be evaluating the campus response in the days to come. Every incident teaches us important lessons that will help us be even more prepared.

This past Monday, I shared my vision for a campus that values connection and community. Yesterday, in ways large and small, you demonstrated that connection.

Thank you,

Philip P. DiStefano,

Chancellor DiStefano

Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano