Published: Sept. 26, 2016
student with parent.

With Family Weekend quickly approaching, many students may be getting a campus visit. It is a great opportunity to show parents, guardians or friends around and to update them on how school is going.

Some questions you might expect:

  • What is your favorite class and why? Talking about your favorite class or professor is a good personal exercise too, it makes you really think about what you enjoy most academically here at CU.
  • What clubs and organizations are you in? This is a fun way to share what your interests are outside school.
  • How are your grades? If you're having difficulties, be open about it. Family members, guardians and friends are part of your support system.
  • What do you mean you're switching majors? Bringing this topic up might make you nervous, but it's best to get it out in the open. Changing course can be a part of a successful academic journey.