Published: Sept. 22, 2016

Beginning on Monday, Sept. 26, police from the City of Boulder and the University of Colorado Boulder will step up enforcement of the city’s traffic laws in and around several of Boulder’s top locations for motor vehicle collisions involving a bicyclist or pedestrian as part of the Heads Up Boulder crosswalk safety campaign.

Officers from the two departments will be at intersections around the CU campus to give out warnings and issue tickets to people who violate city ordinances. The campaign lasts through Friday, Sept. 30.

Data collected by Boulder's transportation division shows that nearly half of all collisions within the city occur at intersections, and that crosswalks are the most common locations for collisions between motor vehicles and bicyclists or pedestrians.

Crosswalk safety ordinances require: 

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists to activate the flashing lights at crosswalks before entering the road or face a $50 fine
  • Bicyclists to slow to 8 mph or less as they approach, enter and traverse a crosswalk at all intersections or face a $50 fine
  • Drivers approaching a crosswalk to stop and wait for a crossing pedestrian, or face a $125 fine and receive four points on their driving records


Heads Up Boulder

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