Published: Sept. 19, 2016

CU Boulder is a highly complex environment of many interconnected parts, but the root of our success is our people – talented and passionate in all of their fields. I welcome our new team members, and extend my appreciation to those who continue with us - all are key to the ongoing and efficient functioning of the university.

One month into our academic year, our days are settling into their rhythms. Across campus, our staff are teaching students, doing research, cooking meals, cleaning facilities, designing new buildings, helping students with financial aid and registration, turning out communications, creating safe environments for our campus community, advising students, designing or maintaining landscaping, or making sure your computer, internet and data storage are all working – and that’s just to name a few.

I invite you to take a moment, look around, and appreciate their skill and dedication.

While the rhythms of the university could lull people into routine, I applaud that many of these staff are also bringing forward projects which will innovate the way we do business and the benefits we offer to our employees.

This past week my office received 60 invited proposals from our staff members, all focused on innovative approaches to sustaining our campus community, serving students and supporting faculty in their teaching and research on this campus. 

The proposals range from increasing our community safety with a training pathway housed on campus to creating benefits for lower wage employees to ensure their children can attend and graduate from CU Boulder. Many of these projects are being proposed in collaboration with faculty.

I want to express my appreciation for all who contribute to making CU Boulder the unique and amazing place that we love. Innovation can be found in all corners of our academic enterprise, and we can all keep this spirit in mind as we go through the upcoming year, myself included. I look forward to hearing many more innovative ideas in the year ahead. 

Kelly Fox,
Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox,
Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO