Published: Sept. 14, 2016

A Liminal Space is a transdisciplinary collaboration between artists Ana Baer, Heike Salzer and Rosely Conz. The production utilizes dance and video projections to create captivating, kinesthetic poetry. Featuring dancers Heike Salzer, Rosely Conz, Amanda Benzin and Bailey Anderson, “A Liminal Space” will premiere two works.

If you go
Friday, Sept. 16 - Saturday, Sept. 17

8 to 9 p.m.

Location: ATLAS Black Box Experimental Studio

“WECreate ICE” embarks on a multi-sensory journey across the landscape of Iceland. Guided by Salzer’s thoughts on Romanticism and Wanderlust, the work examines concepts of space and place. 

In “S.O.U.P,” a female trio (Conz, Benzin and Anderson) engages in dialogue through screens as part of a multilayered event that incorporates spoken word, dance, projected images and roots. The performance is informed by Rosely’s research on foreignness, power dynamics and identity.

An image of a woman is superimposed in black and white over skyscrapers