Published: Sept. 13, 2016
On behalf of the CU Boulder leadership team, I am pleased to provide the following update on our university’s Inclusive Excellence initiative. 
The Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee has worked through the summer reviewing the collective input of the campus. Many thanks to the large proportion of campus units (over 90 percent) who submitted narratives in response to the initiative. Steering committee members are currently drafting a summary report of our process, initial findings and common themes across campus units. The summary report will be shared in mid-October, beginning with updates at campus governance meetings and proposed next steps.
In the meantime, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement (ODECE) and the Office of Faculty Affairs, in collaboration with CU Engage, the College of Arts & Sciences Council, the Boulder Faculty Assembly and other campus entities, have engaged the support of Emeritus Consulting Group to offer faculty and instructional staff the opportunity to work with experts in inclusive pedagogy this semester in identifying and addressing issues of inclusivity in the classroom. If interested, please contact ODECE for details regarding availability and scheduling.
Thank you again for your collective engagement in the development of the initial overview for making excellence inclusive at CU Boulder, including the actions your individual units would like to take and the university should take to ensure continuous positive impact on inclusive excellence and campus climate at our university.
Best regards,
Robert Boswell
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement
Vice Chancellor Robert Boswell

Vice Chancellor Robert Boswell