Published: Aug. 24, 2016

Please be advised to stay out of any area marked as a construction zone. Active construction zones will be indicated by the use of "caution" tape, plastic barriers, fences or plywood barriers. Only authorized individuals may enter construction zones.

Baseline Underpass project

Construction contractors at the Baseline Underpass project have reported that pedestrians are hopping the construction fence and shortcutting through the construction zone to get to campus. For the safety of all, please stay out of the construction zones on campus.

Community members navigating this part of campus, such as those disembarking at the westbound bus stop on Baseline, should cross Baseline at the traffic signals at either 27th Way or Broadway. Please do not jaywalk across traffic and through the construction zone. CUPD have been alerted to the situation and will be helping to make sure traffic moves safely around this construction zone. Non-authorized personnel found inside a construction zone may face trespassing or other charges.