Published: Aug. 11, 2016
 Global Ambassadors group photo

This summer, a unique group gathered in Florence, Italy to discuss the global future of the University of Colorado Boulder. Hosted by Chancellor DiStefano, the meeting engaged representatives from the alumni community across the world.

Countries as diverse as the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Japan and Switzerland had faces around the table, with 11 total countries represented. Meeting with campus leadership including Vice Chancellor for Advancement Deb Coffin and Executive Director for International Education Larry Bell, the enthusiastic participants discussed ways to deepen CU Boulder’s international strategy.

Among the goals of the first meeting were walking away with specific action items -- focused plans to integrate the CU Boulder teaching and learning community into their business and professional communities around the world.

While details are still being developed, plans are to begin exploring opportunities in the areas of industry, study abroad and recruitment. The group will reconvene in May 2017 on the Boulder campus and assess progress on smaller pilot projects, and set goals for the following year.

Members of the Global Ambassadors are planning individual trips to the campus to connect with possible partners for their areas. Coordinated by a commitee chaired by Senior Associate Vice Provost William Kuskin, these meetings will explore opportunities for research, academic programs, internships and career development as well as constituent engagement.

"I am thrilled by the excitement and dedication shown by these amazing alumni," said Chancellor DiStefano. “I appreciate their readiness to engage in local efforts which will provide increased access and opportunity for our scholars and students. We appreciate their time, and their partnership.”

Inaugural University of Colorado Boulder Global Ambassadors

  • Charles Akle, United Kingdom
  • Abdulla Al Awar, United Arab Emirates
  • Fiona Arnold, United States
  • Daniel Birmann, Brazil
  • Zuhair Fayez, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Adam Mackstaller, Spain
  • Rick McCarthy, South Africa
  • Steve McCarthy, United States
  • Douglas Morin, Hong Kong
  • Martha Rolle, United Kingdom
  • Joseph B. Salazar, Switzerland
  • Rebecca Self, Switzerland
  • Ashraf Sewailam, United States/Egypt
  • Kazunori Takato, Japan
  • Eliza Woloson, United States
  • Earl Wright, United States


Photos courtesy of Kazunori Takato.