Published: March 11, 2016
Carissa Marsh and Luke DeGregori

Luke DeGregori and Carissa Marsh are almost as passionate about science education as they are about each other. Before the couple marries this July, they’re focused on their final semester at the University of Colorado Boulder and time well spent student teaching.

The pair met in middle school and started dating in high school. Like their love story, their interest for science developed early. Luke, a physics major, and Carissa, a molecular, cellular and developmental biology major, came to CU-Boulder with sights set on research post-graduation.

“I have always been really passionate about biology,” said Carissa. “I have wanted to be a researcher since 4th grade. I thought I wanted to study viruses and cancer research.”

That was before, in their own words, they got bit by the “teaching bug.” First, it affected LukeAs a freshman, he took a student position as aLearning Assistant for the physics of sound and music class. Learning Assistants, or LAs, are undergraduates who are supported by university faculty to help their fellow students learn. The experience deepened Luke’s interest in physics and teaching.

“I have always enjoyed the social aspect of science,” he said. “Part of what I like is seeing people react to science.”

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