Published: April 28, 2015

Ten things to do this week. This is a weekly column highlighting events on campus and in Boulder by Samuel Fuller, history major and resident event virtuoso.

Dead Week, as it is ironically known, is upon us once more. What is thus meant to be the calm before the storm is a hurricane of stress, prompted by the myriad of papers and reviews that are currently being stacked sky high on each student’s desk.

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel, and for many of us this tunnel leads to a permanent exit. For some this will come as a relief, but for many, myself included, an exit from our wonderful campus is a sad and daunting prospect. We say goodbye to our school and the academic year in the midst of hard work and caffeine induced sleep deprivation. But this final effort can be made easier through an escape from studying and writing. The following events can serve to facilitate the transition to finals week, by providing an alternative activity to enjoy as a break from your studies. 

Wednesday, April 29

Town Hall Meeting with CU President Bruce Benson. The president of our school is hosting a town hall meeting, which is a public platform in which he will discuss numerous topics such as state funding and tuition increases, among other things. Personally, I think it is fantastic that as students, we have a platform to communicate with those in charge of making decisions that influence our campus experience. For those interested, there is a live stream of Pesident Benson's Town Hall available here, or to find out more information visit the Events Calendar, the meeting begins at 9:30 a.m.

ATLAS Spring 2015 Expo. Ever wonder what actually happens in the ATLAS center? Me too, so head down there on Wednesday evening to find out. They will be showcasing their students’ work, in an event that will highlight some amazing kinetic and interactive projects, sculptures, research and other innovative designs. The expo begins at 5 p.m. More information about the ATLAS Spring 2015 Expo can be found here.

Thursday, April 30

Ralphie’s Cooking Basics. This is your last chance to take advantage of this free cooking class. On the menu this week is Breakfast for Dinner, which is great, because it validates my obsession with making omelets and hash browns for dinner multiple times per week – take that mum. Enjoy this opportunity for a study break and a free meal by signing up outside Baby Doe’s in the UMC at 4:45 p.m. Places are limited to the first 20 people so get their as soon as you can, also closed toes are a must. Click here for more information about Ralphie's Cooking Basics.

On the Rocks Birthday Concert. CU’s only all women’s a cappella group is having their 10th birthday party in Old Main. They will be bringing back alumni as well as unveiling new songs with their current members. Let them serenade with sweet tunes and masterful solos this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Check out Facebook for more information about the On the Rocks Birthday Concert.

Karaoke at Club 156. The UMC’s resident nightclub is offering students the opportunity to take their singing in the shower to the next level. Your mum might think you have an exceptional voice, but have you ever tested it out in a real venue? All jokes aside, this sounds like a ton of fun, and a fantastic way to spend your Thursday night while you still have some free time, you even get the chance to use a professional sound system and lighting stage. The singing begins at 8 p.m. Click here for more information about Karaoke at Club 156.

Friday, May 1

Buff Pool Party. Remember that Buffalo shaped pool at the Rec Center? Well its finally opening again! Program Council is hosting an “exclusive” pool party for those who sign up the most at their street team tables, so check out the Program Council website for the upcoming events to try and get on that guest list. The party will have a special guest DJ amongst other fun activities. Doors open at 8 p.m. More information about the Buff Pool Party can be obtained here.

International Coffee Hour. This is the perfect time to up your caffeine intake, according to many medical journals…not really. But if you are so inclined, head to the International Coffee Hour to explore Boulder’s international community as well as many American students who have studied abroad and want to re-kindle old or develop new friendships. Previously I mentioned over 50 students attended each week, however, I have been reliably informed that over 300 people attend the coffee hour each week. The coffee starts brewing at 4 p.m. Click here for more information about International Coffee Hour.

Unbelievabubble Boulder. If you are truly looking for the most Boulder-like alternative to studying, then this event occurring on the 1300 block of Pearl is the one for you. I am not kidding when I say that they will be handing out free bubble wrap which you can pop, accompanied by free bubbles, which you can either blow or pop! Not your usual Friday afternoon but a sure fire way to experience the creativity and exuberance of Boulder culture. The bubbles start blowing at 4 p.m. More information on the Unbelievabubble Boulder can be found here.

Saturday, May 2

Boulder Farmer’s Market. Up for grabs are fruits, vegetables, meat and other tasty treats grown and made here in the local area. The famer’s market is always a great place to eat great food and enjoy the best people-watching exhibit America has to offer. Escape the clutches of fluorescent lighting and head down to 13th street on the corner of Canyon for a well-deserved break. More information on the Boulder Farmer's market and its vendors is available here.

Monday, May 4

Late Night Breakfast in the UMC. If you’re looking for a reprieve from studying, and an opportunity for a free meal during the stresses of Finals Week, then come down to the UMC’s annual late night breakfast. This semester, in celebration of Star Wars Day, there will be a variety of Star Wars related activities happening throughout the UMC beginning at 8 p.m. The free breakfast will be served in the Alfred Packer Grill from 10 to 11 p.m. Click here for more information about the Late Night Breakfast event.