Published: March 13, 2013

As I know many of you are interested in the status of permitted concealed weapons on campus, I want to update you on recent actions in the state legislature. This past Friday, the Senate ended further consideration of a bill to ban concealed weapons on college campuses across Colorado. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Rollie Heath, pulled the bill because the votes to support it were not there. As a result, both the law and the campus policy on concealed carry remain in effect. Any changes to the law would have to come through a future state legislative process.

Just as a reminder, in 2011 the Colorado Supreme Court determined that the University of Colorado Board of Regents lacks the authority to ban weapons from campus. Therefore, the law allows those people who possess a Colorado concealed-carry permit to carry a concealed weapon, including on campus. Carrying a permitted, concealed weapon is not, in and of itself, an illegal, disruptive or threatening act.

As with any other law or court ruling, CU-Boulder is obligated to fully comply with all elements of the State’s conceal carry policies. The CU- Boulder housing regulations do not permit the storing of weapons in residence halls, with certain exceptions. CU-Boulder also does not allow weapons into ticketed public events and performances on campus.  You can find more information about the law and campus implementation at the following website: