Published: Dec. 13, 2011

Kevin Welner, professor of education and director of the National Education Policy Center at the CU-Boulder School of Education, can speak to most elements of the Lobato litigation and its implications. Welner is an attorney and policy analyst who has published articles and book chapters concerning school finance litigation, the outcomes of such litigation, and the underlying issues of what's necessary for an adequate education. He can explain the issues in the Lobato case as well as the options now available to the courts and lawmakers. Welner can be reached by email at

Richard Collins, professor of law at the CU-Boulder Law School, is an expert in state constitutional law and can address legal aspects of the Lobato case. He can be reached at 303-492-5493 or

Ken Bickers, professor and chair of the political science department, can address political ramifications of the Lobato case. He can be reached at 303-492-2363 or

Or for additional assistance contact Barbara Darling, director of communications and alumni relations for the CU-Boulder School of Education, at 303-492-9019 or or Peter Caughey in the Office of Media Relations and News Services at 303-492-4007 or