Published: Nov. 10, 2010

Will Taylor, president of the University of Colorado Student Government, will travel to Moscow Nov. 13-20 as part of a delegation of 15 U.S. university student leaders selected to visit the country at the invitation of the Russian Federal Agency on Youth Affairs.

Taylor, a CU-Boulder senior, joins student leaders from Harvard, Stanford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgetown and several other universities. The trip is designed to better acquaint future U.S. leaders with Russia and give them insight into Russian leaders' decision-making processes.

"I am very excited to participate in this unique and groundbreaking opportunity," Taylor said. "I look forward to working with fellow student leaders to learn more about Russian government and culture and also share our American perspectives with our hosts. I am honored to have the chance to meet with high-ranking Russian officials and students and am confident that it will be an educational experience for all involved."

While there, Taylor and the other students will meet with top Russian leaders of all branches of government, visit Russia's top universities and meet with their Russian counterparts. The trip is completely funded by the Russian Federal Agency on Youth Affairs.

Taylor was selected for the trip through a competitive process that sought university student leaders expected to help shape future U.S. policies.