Published: Aug. 25, 2009

University of Colorado at Boulder and city officials are passing along "smart party" tips to new and returning CU students to help them avoid the potentially serious risks of hosting irresponsible parties.

Suspensions, legal charges, fines and injuries are some of the possible consequences of hosting or attending a party that violates city of Boulder ordinances or campus rules.

The new 2009-10 "Smart Party" guide has been published by the Off-Campus Student Services office and is available online at

The guide includes information about the university's code of conduct, the risks of underage drinking and alcohol poisoning and offers smart party tips for hosts. Guidelines for hosting a safe and smart party include:

-- Don't make alcohol the focus of your party, and be sure to provide nonalcoholic drinks and food. You can be ticketed and sanctioned by Judicial Affairs if underage people are drinking at your party.

-- Don't be afraid to get help. Students should call 911 immediately if they encounter someone who has overconsumed alcohol and is having trouble walking or standing up, who is passed out or who is unresponsive to being pinched. Err on the side of caring for the other person. Students who seek medical assistance for another student will not be subject to university disciplinary actions under the Good Samaritan Provision, which is part of CU-Boulder's Student Conduct Code and can be viewed at Visit for more information about alcohol and its effects, campus activities/calendars and ways to get involved.

-- Encourage a buddy system to watch for overconsumption and to ensure safe trips home.

-- Get to know your neighbors and tell them when you are having a party.

-- Don't let strangers enter your party because you are legally responsible for their actions.

-- CU's Student Conduct Code covers all CU students, whether they live on campus or not. It is your responsibility to read, know and live these policies, particularly as related to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Students can be suspended for their second Student Conduct Code violation.

-- Designate a nondrinking monitor to control noise--the most common cause of complaints and police responses.

-- Noise tickets for loud music or speaking outside in louder than conversational tones can be issued at any time, day or night.

-- Cooperate with police if they come to your home or apartment. Running from police will result in increased penalties.

-- Failure to move or disperse when requested could threaten your safety. Once police demand dispersal, failure to do so can result in criminal charges.

-- Observe current city, county and state fire restrictions that may prohibit all open flames or fires, outdoor cigarette smoking, fireworks and charcoal grills in parks and recreation areas.

-- Use extreme caution when cooking with a charcoal grill, do not leave it unattended and be sure to extinguish coals once cooking is finished. Fires, even small ones, can be especially dangerous because of Boulder's unpredictable high winds, arid climate and high number of trees and wood homes.

-- Be sure emergency vehicles have access to an emergency area. Since visibility is minimized at night for drivers of emergency vehicles, stay out of their way and away from their access routes. Failure to do so is considered criminal obstruction.

-- Clean up after your party. You can get ticketed for failing to clean up.

-- Call the CU Police at 303-492-6666 for on-campus non-emergencies. For off-campus non-emergencies call the Boulder Police or Fire departments at 303-441-3333. A community police center is located on the Hill at College Avenue and 13th Street.