Published: March 16, 2005

The University of Colorado at Boulder has finalized a new Registered Fraternal Organization Agreement that spells out campus expectations for Greek organizations, including deferring rush activities until the spring semester, according to Ron Stump, vice chancellor for student affairs.

Starting the week of April 14, Stump and Greek Adviser Laura Strohminger will begin meeting with individual fraternal organizations to discuss the final document and ask for signatures. The agreement incorporates suggestions by many Greek leaders provided over the last several weeks.

Agreement with the expectations outlined in the document will be necessary in order to receive campus benefits and services, Stump said. Fraternities and sororities are independent entities that exist off campus, but have access to such services as use of campus facilities, assistance by the Greek adviser, use of campus Web resources, inclusion of information in orientation materials, and lists of prospective student members.

"The purpose of this agreement is to help the Greek organizations return to their core values of scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood/sisterhood," Stump said.

"We believe they have drifted from these important values over the past several years, and the entire Greek system has suffered as a result. Our expectation is 'no more business as usual.'"

He said the agreement is intended to address serious issues related to alcohol abuse and personal safety that have plagued members of Greek organizations as well as other students.

The campus administration will communicate with prospective students and their parents regarding the new initiative, Stump said. "In our letters to admitted students and their parents, we will share information about the fraternities and sororities that have agreed to meet the expectations and conditions of the agreement. We hope new students will respond by making wise choices on Greek membership."

Under the fraternal organization agreement, fraternities and sororities will be expected to:

∑ Engage a full-time, live-in staff member in the chapter house

∑ Prohibit underage consumption of alcohol at events

∑ Schedule rush activities according to a date determined by the university, which will be the spring semester of the freshman year beginning with the 2005-06 academic year

∑ Abide by federal, state and local laws

∑ Meet the national organization's academic standards

The agreement also prohibits any form of hazing and use of alcohol in new-member programming.

Deadline for signing the agreement is April 29, the last day of spring semester classes, in order to receive benefits beginning in the summer.