Published: Feb. 10, 1998

Ofelia Miramontes, associate professor of education at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has been named interim associate vice chancellor for diversity, pending approval by the CU Board of Regents.

The appointment will be considered at the Feb. 19 meeting of the board.

Miramontes will serve in the interim position until a search for a permanent associate vice chancellor is concluded. A search for a permanent appointee will begin no earlier than the fall of 1998.

The position was created “to provide crucial leadership in the areas of diversity and campus community,” said Chancellor Richard L. Byyny. The position is a modification of the prior associate vice chancellor for diversity in academic affairs. The associate vice chancellor now will report jointly to the chancellor and the vice chancellor for academic affairs.

The position directs the Boulder campus’ diversity efforts in collaboration with the academic affairs, student affairs and administration divisions. The new associate vice chancellor will help coordinate diversity initiatives, monitor progress and disseminate information across all areas of the campus.

“It’s essential for the Boulder campus to be a place where individuals of diverse backgrounds are welcomed and supported,” Byyny said. “I believe the associate vice chancellor for diversity will assist the campus in bringing a sense of focus and value for the campus’ many efforts aimed at greater inclusiveness.”

Byyny said Miramontes will “make an important contribution to building the position’s leadership and coordination role in the early stages. I’m confident she will create a solid foundation for real progress in the area of diversity.”

Miramontes will serve on the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Campus Executive Committee, where she will participate in policy discussions and ensure that diversity issues are considered in budgetary, administrative, academic and governance decisions.

An associate professor of education, Miramontes has served as faculty associate to the chancellor since 1996. Recently she has focused her work on diversity plans and programs. She currently is chair of the Chancellor’s Committee on Minority Affairs.

Miramontes has been on the CU-Boulder faculty since 1984. Her area of expertise is bilingual education, English as a second language and special education.