Published: Nov. 16, 1997

A new program will link doctoral students at the University of Colorado at Boulder with professors at other Colorado colleges and universities.

"The goal is to expand the teaching experiences of aspiring professors and expose them to institutions where the majority of teaching jobs are found," said Hoag Holmgren, assistant director of the Graduate Teacher Program. "More jobs are available at liberal arts schools, smaller state schools and community colleges than at major research universities like CU-Boulder."

A $60,000 grant will fund 10 CU-Boulder doctoral candidates to work with a faculty mentor at Colorado College, Community College of Denver, Colorado School of Mines, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado State University and CU-Denver.

Two doctoral students will be selected from five academic departments as program fellows. They include the departments of applied mathematics, economics, English, French and Italian, and political science.

"This will significantly broaden the fellows' teaching experiences as well as create a valuable new network among Colorado's post secondary institutions," said Laura Border, director of the Graduate Teacher Program. The program will begin in January.

The grant is from a national program called Preparing Future Faculty, which encourages the development of new approaches to the education of future professors. It is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Doctoral candidates from the five departments who are interested in participating and have completed everything but their dissertation should call Holmgren at (303) 492-4907.