Published: July 31, 1997

Nearly 200 high school students representing 82 Colorado high schools will be exposed to the marvels of engineering during the 30th Annual High School Honors Institute at the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Participants, age 17 and 18, will learn about CU engineering programs, facilities, research projects and faculty. They also will discuss career options during the seminar, which runs from Aug. 3 to Aug. 6.

Several CU engineering faculty members will teach brief classes in aerospace, chemical, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering and computer science. CU students will give tours of the engineering complex, including the Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab that opened last April.

The high school participants (121 males and 69 females) will sleep and eat in a residence hall, work on small group projects and learn about campus life.

To apply for the Honors Institute, students submitted high school transcripts and an essay describing their interest in the program. The selection committee paid particular attention to science and math aptitudes.

More than 70 companies -- such as Ball Aerospace, Coors, Hewlett-Packard, Hensel-Phelps Construction, Kodak, Storage Tek, Public Service Co., Lockheed-Martin, US West, IBM and Westinghouse -- have provided support and expertise for the program for the last 30 years.