Published: April 10, 1997

The University of Colorado has terminated a lease agreement with the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity for a house at 1505 University Ave., due to numerous lease violations by the group.

The building was offered by the university as temporary housing for the fraternity after the members’ permanent house burned in September 1996. Original plans called for the fraternity to move out of the temporary quarters in January 1997, when the university was scheduled to begin renovating the space for its Continuing Education program.

After the university learned of the poor condition of the house in early 1997, notice of termination was delivered on Feb. 10, to be effective March 31. However, at the request of the fraternity, CU officials agreed to a two-week extension until April 15 to allow the group to complete its move-out.

Lease violations include failure to comply with lease clauses related to cleanliness of premises, pets on the premises, non-members staying in the house, fire and safety protection, and alcohol rules and regulations.

“We are extremely disturbed by the behavior of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members that resulted in deplorable conditions within and around the house,” said Ronald J. Stump, CU-Boulder dean of students. “Inspections have shown damage to the building’s interior and tampering with fire safety equipment.”

Stump said that the university has tried to accommodate the fraternity’s basic needs in spite of the seriousness of the violations resulting in the lease termination.

“We believe we have delayed long enough in beginning renovations of the facility for an important academic priority.”